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This page will be continuously updated with the new characters as they appear.

The Fellowship:


Stalwart companion, devoted worshiper, great leader and arogant jerk. Roland is good at most things, which makes him somewhat hard to deal with sometimes. But there's nobody else you'd more want next to you when evil comes a knockin'.

Mangoel Darkart:

This fun loving thief takes pride in being the master of his craft. He loves to steal for the fun of it more than the monetary rewards (and sometimes just to mess with people). He is both crafty and difficult to intimidate. He only fears one man: "The King of Thieves."


She had a hard time growing up, and has a hard time trusting others. She hates most men, the only party members she truly trusts are Mangoel and Lilith.

Lilith: (and Edger Regenbogen)

Lilith loves having power, and using it to. Edger is the trusty familiar, A bit smarmy at times (okay all the time) and only speaks dwarven (but understands common just fine). Lilith is both greedy and power hungry.


He is trying to do the best he can. He was fired out of his last 3 jobs, but hopes he can hold down this job and cover up the things Mangoel, Chastity and Lilith don't want Roland to know about.

Residents of Ye Olde Towne:

Mayor Vincent:

The origins of this man are shrouded in secrets and lies. He has magic abilities, that only a hand full of people know about. He is trying to become Governor and after that King. Will roland and the gang be able to see past his lies before it's to late?! find out!!!

Sheriff Samantha:

She is not in on any of the Mayors secrets. She uses the name "Sam" in public, for she lives in a man's world and a masculine name helps. She also has one of only 20 guns ever created. This weapon is extremely effective.

Deputy Tiberius:

This soulless power-hungry fiend will do anything to get more power. He is the Mayor's right hand man.

Hapless Villager:

This poor soul works as assistant to the local blacksmith. He was just going about his boring life. Until one day his clothes just vanished right off of his back!

Mayor's First Aid Nigel:

He (like Sam) is unaware of the Mayor's evil nature. He is basically the Mayors's secretary.

Sailors of the Royal Navy:

Admiral Briggs:

He is the mentor of Roland and is the captain of a new Interceptor Class ship. He is kind but also tough (a believer in tough love).

Assorted Villains:


Arguably the most evil of all the anti-paladins, he is the sworn enemy of Roland. Recently Malachi has found Mangoel Darkart to be more of a threat than Roland ever was.

La Mindflayer A.K.A. "Squidy":

Life was great for Monsieur Mindflayer; be your own boss, make you own hours, eat brains...All that good stuff. Then one day during a lunch break some foolish adventure steals his staff. Monsieur Mindflayer will stop at nothing to get it back.

The Bandit King:

If Tiberius is the Mayor's right hand man, the Bandit King is his left. The Bandit King is in constant communication with the Mayor and is handsomely rewarded for his work.

Random Other Stuff:


Leonidas (in this comic) is an annoying and aggressive dude. and he tends to make life difficult for Gnomebard and Drowmonk.

Us: (Gnomebard left and Drowmonk right)

We are the one's responsible for the atrocity that is the Unnamed Fellowship. (lol ;-) ). We hope you have fun reading this and enjoy the rest of the site!

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